At Crayon Brigade Preschool we believe investing in your child is an investment for our future. Learning is so much more than academics. We want to help create well-rounded, happy, and caring individuals. 

Pre-K Preparation

Learning to learn is much more than learning letters and numbers. Your child will learn cooperation, pre-reading skills, early math skills, language arts, and science. These are learned through dramatic play, games, and fine and gross motor acitivies. We encouage sharing, making choices, and problem solving. 


Outdoor play instills a love of nature, boosts and invigorates mood, and helps create a love of movement and exercise. Snack time gives hands on real life skills as children pour their own drinks and clean up after themselves in Montessori fashion. 


Other activities that are encouraged at our school include, basic computer skills, speaking in front of a group, and learning social cues.


We learn vocabulary not only in English, but also in Spanish, and ASL (American Sign Language).

Learning to Learn

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