The Thematic Approach

 We use a thematic approach to lessons, allowing more personal discovery. We can incorporate science while learning about our bodies or sea creatures during open play in a Montessori-like environment. Social Sciences are learned as we discover more about our communities and other countries around the world. Incorporating themes into our curriculum allows for a more rounded out learning and growth. Every week is a new opportunity to learn about a new and exciting topic relating to our world.

Our Curriculum


Science is exciting! It can be mixing colors, making cookies, examining fossils. It can include learning about germs or going on a nature walk. There's so much to discover.


We can count by 5s or 10s. We use geometric shapes. We compare, match and measure. We learn about money--including wants and needs.


Phonics, vowels, and letter identificationa and matching are important skills. We also learn words in Spanish and ASL. Story time is an all time favorite.

Social Studies

PreK children love learning about others. Community helpers, other countires, presidents, and who were the Pilgrims--these are a few of the topics we explore.

Outdoor Play

Physical activity is a very important part of learning.  It strenghtens our muscles, boosts our moods, and allows us to discover. We can learn to love the outdoors and our environment. We learn cooperative play, sharing and waiting for our turn. Seasons can amaze and thrill us. We can reflect and enjoy the world around us.

Sample Lesson Plan

Young children have limited attention. Our day is structured to give ample learning opportunities while keeping them engaged. We start our day with Open Learning--children get to choose what they want to play. We move on to calandering, letters, and counting. Afterwards, it is recess time, a favorite. Storytime comes next. The books we choose relate to the theme for the week. We then have a snack. Our last activity of the day includes a paper and/or art project.

Discovering Their World

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